Basic, simple drills to learn to do in a kayak...

DRILL: Get in, paddle straight a head for about 50 ft., lay down in the kayak, sit back up, turn around, come back, stop, get out

DRILL: Get in, paddle straight a head for about 50 ft., dangle your feet in the water on each side IF you are in a sit on top kayak, put them back in, turn around and come back

DRILL: Paddle out about 50 ft., line up and hang on top the handles of other kayaks. Benefits of doing this: Learn how to create more stability, good time to eat and pass the food to each other.

DRILL: Getting something out of the BACK of your kayak.

DRILL: Have something floating in the water – like a flip flop, go fetch it w/ your kayak without tipping over

Loading and Carrying a Kayak...

DRILL: With another person, lift a kayak over your head 10 times. Kayaks will help you increase your upper body strength.

DRILL: Practice carrying a kayak with one other person. All of my kayaks vary in length from 8 - 16 ft. Are you strong enough to lift and carry a kayak by yourself?

DRILL: Carry a kayak to the water – where to hold on and where NOT to hold on

DRILL: Carry TWO kayaks to the water – 2 people in front, 2 people in back
Know which kayaks you can do that with and which ones you can’t.

What to bring with you

Life Jacket if you have your own, otherwise it's provided
A set of Dry Clothes
Shoes or flip flops to get wet
Clothes to kayak that can get wet
Swim Suit is not necessary but optional
Lip Balm
Water Bottle
Wind Breaker/Jacket
Bag for wet Clothes
Money for Kayaking